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Data is one of the most valuable commodities you have. It can tell you more about your customers, and your organisation, than you ever thought possible. Used properly, data can transform your business. We’re here to make it work harder for you.

We help businesses work

We work closely with SMEs to help them make the best use of their data, and make it easier to gather and organise data in the future – so you can benefit from unlocking its real value in the insights it offers.


Get a clearer picture across your entire business


Be more agile with informed decision-making


Realise your data’s potential to maximise growth


Identify issues and automate processes

How we make data flow

If you need a CRM system, or
have one that’s not meeting
your needs, Flow Create has
the ideal solution.

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Flow Centric specialises in managing multiple data sources, or complex data migration projects.

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If you want a simpler view of the data already in your systems, or better insights from it, you need Flow Power

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The best data solution for your business

Every organisation is different, and faces its own unique challenges. So our process starts by asking questions about how you currently work, the issues you face and where you want your business to be, to help us get a thorough understanding of your business.

Then, using our wide-ranging experience, we work with you to create a solution that best suits your needs.
Our solutions can be built around any of a number of different platforms, and made as adaptable as necessary
– all designed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

We like to build long-term relationships, too. So once your solution is in place, you can rely on us to provide you
with all the support you need to maintain and evolve it to meet future industry and technological changes.

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